Budget Workshop – April 18, 2023

Minutes of the Budget Workshop on April 18, 2023.

A Budget Workshop meeting of the Village of Franklin was held April 18, 2023, at 6:00PM at Village Hall, 141 Water Street, and on the videoconferencing platform Zoom. Present: Mayor Tom Briggs, Trustee Wilson, Trustee VanDeusen, Clerk/Treasurer Niebanck, Deputy Clerk Martin, and Superintendent Kingsbury.

Water Project

  • Payment set by EFC (schedule of payments for 30 year loan) = $5,245.00.
  • Budgeted expense/revenue for this fund will be $5,245.00. Transfer from Water Fund Savings of $5,245.00.

Water Fund

  • Total budgeted expense/revenue for this fund proposed to be $91,432.00.
  • Transfer in from General Fund of $5,037.
  • Transfer from Savings to Water Project Acct. of $5245.00
  • Fund balance to be used $0.

General Fund

  • Total Budgeted expense/revenue for this fund proposed to be $322,761.01. Increase from last year largely due to budgeting $113K to purchase new truck /plow/salt spreader (which was ordered in 2022, but not received or purchased during previous budget period) and a new tractor/snow blower.
  • Transfer to Water Fund of $5,037.00.
  • Transfer to Reserve/Maintenance Equipment of $19,000.00
  • $103,000.00 of Reserve/Maintenance Equipment funds will be used for truck.
  • $10,000 of Grant/ARPA money will be used for Water Tower Project.
  • $6000 will be transferred from Sidewalk fund.
  • Fund balance to be used $45,886.01.

7:25PM Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded going into Executive Session. So passed. 7:41PM VanDeusen moved and Wilson seconded coming out of Executive Session. So passed.

Salary increases for Superintendent and Clerk/Treasurer are proposed to be 3.5%. Mayor increase to $2,500/year; Trustees increase to $1800/year (each). Dog Control Officer $1000/year and Code Officer $2100/year; Crossing Guards to $15/hour; Deputy Clerk and Laborer to $18/hour.

Proposed tax levy: Assessment = $20,920,412.00 and rate/thousand 0.482% = $100,836.39. This is a decrease of -0.319% or -$321.60.

Mayor Briggs adjourned the meeting at 8:10PM

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Niebanck