Minutes – August 14, 2023

Village of Franklin NY minutes of the August 14, 2023 regular board meeting.

The Village of Franklin held its regular board meeting on August 14, 2023, at the Village Hall office (141 Water Street) at 7:00PM.  Present: Mayor Tom Briggs, Trustee Wilson, Trustee VanDeusen, Clerk/Treasurer Niebanck, Deputy Clerk Martin, Superintendent Kingsbury and guests recorded on the sign-in register. The meeting was streamed and recorded on the video platform Zoom.

Minutes:   Minutes of the July 10, 2023 board meeting: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval of the July 10, 2023 minutes.  So passed. Minutes of the August 2, 2023 special meeting: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval of the August 2, 2023 minutes.  So passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Date: July 31, 2023

General Fund$4,613.27
– Savings$245,338.03
– Reserve/Maint Equip$84,882.65
– Sidewalks$16,911.62
– Trees$2,369.18
Water Fund$5,224.19
– Savings$20,289.27
– Capital Fund/Well Develop$2,971.29
Water Project$6.92
Water Tower Grant$5,396.31
Trust & Agency$0.00
Grant Fund$8,765.48
ARPA Funds (remaining)$6,512.57
Recreation Commission$7,146.79
– Savings$29,763.73
– CD$7,861.15
– CD$15,951.61

VanDeusen moved and Wilson seconded approval of Treasurer’s Report of July 31, 2023. So passed. Need to consider how to use extra CDBG grant funding; will discuss with Mark Blauer.

Citizens’ Comments: none.

Correspondence: 1) Mantra Personal Fitness re: water bill. VanDeusen moved and Wilson seconded reducing amount due to $500. 2) US Dollar LIBOR Settlement. 3) DOT re: CHIPS funding. 4) NYS Off. Of Temp/Disability re: LIHWAP no longer accepting applications.

Clerk’s Report: 1) Sent documentation of noise complaint to Sheriff/Deputies. 2) Will submit Dr. Sealgood and Suit-Kote charges to CHIPS. 3) Completed the Annual Financial Report and sent to OSC on 7/26. 4) Town lost check mailed for $25; will send them $50 to cover LY and TY. 5) Clerk taking time off 8/28-9/2.

Superintendent’s Report: 1) 21st Century Pools delivered new pool vacuum; gets stuck on drain vents, flips and shuts off; they should be coming to fix it. 2) Installed new meter 113 Center St. 3) Taggart Electric came to storage building; struck by lightning; for now shutting one well off each day. 4) driveway/side access done at Village Pole Barn. 5) Requests new chain saw; estimate is $750 for one with 18” bar; Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded authorizing purchase of new chainsaw. So Passed. 6) Picked up new riding mower; they will install snow blower. 7) Truck needed new back shocks; took to Otego Tire & Auto. 8) Purchased dehumidifier for garage. 9) Fire Dept. would like no parking signs moved to telephone pole (on Institute Street).

Old Business

CDBG Update: see email from Eric; Clerk will request minutes from their construction meetings.

Sewer Study: Mayor called Rural Development; they serve as consultant – including writing grants; assist through the process. Need to meet with them to discuss details; there is funding from Southern Tier 8; letter was sent to owner of 450 Main Street about condition of property and Code Enforcement Officer will be there.

Restore NY: Mayor and Meg will meet with them to discuss improving application.

Village Dump: John will send Jason wording for sign; Mayor will provide wording for a community notice.

Recreation/Pool Update: Total Mail Out letter fundraising $8,225 – started sending out thank you letters; needs mowing; Health Dept came; cited for no TP and no hot water; researched hot water systems – estimate of $235/each; lifeguards are counting attendees; need floating thermometer to test water temp to see if new liquid solar is working. School Board meeting – complaints about kids not having enough to do; need more participation on committee.

New Business

NYCLASS: Advantage is that if you need funds from savings, it will transfer the next day; yield is 5.14%; General fund has 4 savings accounts; water fund has two savings accounts; Rec Commission has a savings account and two CDs. Will invite them to next meeting to give a presentation and get more information.

Old Franklin Days: Jason will put up “Road Closed” signs; Connie Martin has been working on organizing it.

Part Time Labor: Jason will need part time help for the next couple of months; Clerk will advertise in paper and around town for a part-time general laborer. Mike Primmer will cover for Jason while he is on vacation in October.

Speed Signs: Wilson made inquiries with State DOT; he will go to Cherry Valley and Stamford to talk with them about their signs; in the meantime will order “Slow Down” signs.

Around Town: property next to Village Hall has sold.

Citizens’ Comments: none

Approval of Bills: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval to pay bills. So passed.


51-23Trust & AgencyA9050.8$159.35 A2270
52-23NYSEGA1620.4$13.57 A2279
53-23NYSEGA1620.4$48.78 A2280
54-23NYSEGA7110.4$24.92 A2281
55-23Trust & AgencyA9030.8$461.25 A2282
56-23Trust & AgencyA9089.8$134.00 A2283
57-23PostmasterA1325.4$66.00 A2291
58-23NYSEGA5182.4$275.91 A2292
59-23Delhi Telephone CoA1620.4$78.72 A1620.4
60-23Trust & AgencyFX9050.8$62.26 FX1619
61-23FrontierFX8320.4$9.50 FX1624
62-23NYSEGFX8320.4$21.42 FX1625
63-23Trust & AgencyFX9030.8$11.04 FX1626
64-23John FitzpatrickA1001.0$3.10
65-23Tom BriggsA1210.4$159.39
66-23Capital OneA1325.4$15.99
66-23Capital OneA1620.2$264.00
66-23Capital OneA1620.4$36.35
66-23Capital OneA5110.4$173.96
67-23Decker AdvertisingA1325.4$39.46
68-23Paula NiebanckA1450.4$14.98
69-23Tractor SupplyA1620.4$56.91
70-23Walmart Credit CardA1620.4$60.14
71-23Town of FranklinA4020.4$50.00
72-23White's Farm SupplyA5110.2$7,426.96
73-23Mirabito Energy ProductsA5110.4$143.01
74-23Otego Tire & Auto A5110.4$228.23
75-23Jamie ArchibaldA5110.4$200.00
76-23Waste Recovery EnterprisesA8160.4$12.32
77-23Kinsley GroupFX8320.4$610.00
78-23AMREX ChemicalFX8330.4$480.75
79-23Life Science LabsFX8330.4$43.20
80-23Delaware EngineeringH8797.4$12,538.00

Recreation Commission

13-23FrontierJ7545.4$76.31 J1861
14-23NYSEGJ7345.4$20.02 J1862
15-23Trust & AgencyJ9030.8$587.00 J1863
16-2321st Century PoolsJ7145.2$6,200.00
17-23AMREX ChemicalJ7145.4$1,629.00
18-23AMREX ChemicalJ7145.4$1,317.00
19-23Juliana ArchibaldJ7145.4$34.98
19-23Juliana ArchibaldJ7345.4$74.55

Mayor Briggs adjourned the meeting at 8:25PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Niebanck