Minutes – July 10, 2023

Village of Franklin NY minutes of the July 10, 2023 regular board meeting.

The Village of Franklin held its regular board meeting on July 10, 2023, at the Village Hall office (141 Water Street) at 7:03PM. Present: Mayor Tom Briggs, Trustee Wilson, Trustee VanDeusen, Clerk/Treasurer Niebanck, Deputy Clerk Martin, Superintendent Kingsbury and guests recorded on the sign-in register. The meeting was streamed and recorded on the video platform Zoom.

Minutes: Minutes of the June 12, 2023 board meeting: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded that minutes of June 12, 2023 be approved. So passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Date: June 30, 2023

General Fund$19,585.52
– Savings$215,328.39
– Reserve/Maint Equip$84,879.05
– Sidewalks$16,910.90
– Trees$2,369.08
Water Fund$2,910.55
– Savings$15,288.54
– Capital Fund/Well Develop$10,971.05
Water Project$6.92
Water Tower Grant$117,954.66
Trust & Agency$0.00
Grant Fund$10,765.48
ARPA Funds (remaining)$8,512.57
Recreation Commission$9,555.48
– Savings$37,762.18
– CD$7,861.15
– CD$15,951.61

GF transfer of $582.00 to A1010.4 from A1210.4 and A1325.2. VanDeusen moved and Wilson seconded transfer and approval of Treasurer’s Report of June 30, 2023. So passed

Citizens’ Comments: none.

Correspondence: 1) NYS DOT re: funding opportunity. 2) Empire State Development re: Restore NY Program. 3) DTC re: quote for cameras and internet service at pole barn/dump. 4) Dave Merzig re: illegal dumping laws. 5) Email from HCR re: webinar about funding for lead service line replacement.

Clerk’s Report: Annual Financial Report for the Recreation Commission is complete; working on AFR for Village.

Superintendent’s Report: 1) Brakes on truck repaired. 2) Dr. Sealgood done sealing streets. 3) Liquid solar installed at pool. 4) Put down cold patch near pump house. Mayor wonders if someone could brush sealant on Water Street; Superintendent will look at sealers. Otego Street has water coming into road from Robinson’s; it’s coming from Main Street, would need to install catch basin.

Old Business

CDBG Update: Eric M – sent email to HCR giving update on project; Tweedie was on site and doing all piping and work at pump house; waiting to get update on delivery of tank; ordered all parts/components for change order; they will hold onto parts until tank comes and do the rest of the work all at once. Mayor has requested written reports; Eric will forward them to Superintendent.

Sewer Study/Odessa Visit: Mayor and Brian Brock visited Odessa, NY; Odessa Mayor showed the septic system; they had a very similar situation to Franklin’s (their septic system failed); their solution was a big community leach field – individual septic tanks, filtering unit, large field with several leach fields, cost was approximately $4.9M of which some was paid with grants and a zero interest loan. Would need $30,000 engineering grant and a survey of households of who would participate; should try to get the school to participate. Process – start off with Rural Development (USDA) which would provide a consultant, and then get an engineering study. Will continue to pursue.

Restore NY: Received email stating that the Village was not selected for consideration; they would consult with us to improve the grant to apply for the next cycle. Eric (Del. Engineering) will check on different systems; the DOH has requirements.

Village Dump: Received estimates for 2 video cameras and internet service from Delhi Telephone Co. Cameras are $1480 and internet service is $84.99/month. Village could have specific days/times that the gate is open; Saturday only or when Superintendent/Mayor are available, or by appointment only. When gate is closed, could use small trail to the side for people with lawn mowers to get through. Need verbiage for a sign and have Chemung Supply make one – will have special meeting to come up with language and how to publicize.

Noise Complaint: Mayor received email from resident regarding loud music on Maple St., copy of local law was mailed to resident; send copy to Deputy Sheriff (Under Sheriff). Mayor will send phone number of deputy on duty to the complainant.

Recreation/Pool Update: Superintendent takes chlorine reading every morning; Trustee Wilson talked with Pool Director about importance of readings; solar cover is working well; new vacuum will arrive soon. Lifeguards and scheduling are working well; getting registrations for swim lesson program. Needs mowing once a week; should be taking a census (head count) daily.

New Business

Electronic Speed Signs: Trustee Wilson brought information on speed sign equipment; $800 for flashing of speed limit; $6199 for speed radar signs. Called Delhi and they said to talk to police chief to get information on how to purchase and get permission from DOT. Will get more information for next meeting.

Around Town: Home & Garden TV at Trina’s – television shoot in the fall; they will need a place to park their trucks/equipment and will need help with rerouting traffic. They will also contact the fire department/Fire Chief. Will continue the conversation about what can/cannot take place.

Citizens’ Comments: Franklin Improvement Society/Edible Trail Grant – still trying to raise money. There is a meeting on Wednesday.

Approval of Bills: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval to pay bills. So passed.


21-23NYSEGA7110.4$25.85 A2246
22-23NYSEGA1620.4$45.80 A2247
23-23Trust & AgencyA9089.4$167.50 A2254
24-23Trust & AgencyA9030.8$623.39 A2255
26-23PostmasterFX8310.4$126.00 FX1606
27-23FrontierFX8320.4$9.50 FX1607
28-23NYSEGFX8320.4$1,474.19 FX1608
29-23NYSEGFX8320.4$21.58 FX1609
30-23Trust & AgencyFX9030.8$23.42 FX1612
31-23Capital OneA1325.4$15.99
32-23Stephen LawtonA1325.4$130.00
33-23Putnam Pest ControlA1620.4$120.00
35-23Otego Tire & AutoA5110.4$547.20
36-23Dr Sealgood LLCA5112.2$15,095.00
37-23NYS Unemployment InsuranceA9050.8$105.01
38-23The HartfordA9055.8$54.99
39-23USA Blue BookFX8320.4$456.36
40-23AMERX Chemical CoFX8330.4$512.50
41-23Life Science LabsFX8330.4$43.20
42-23Wayne BankFX9710.6$8,000.00
43-23Wayne BankFX9710.7$2,660.00
44-23Blauer AssociatesH8797.4$2,000.00
45-23Delaware Engineering CoH8797.4$5,324.30
46-23Mirabito Energy ProductsA5110.4$101.82
47-23Waste Recovery EnterprisesA8160.4$12.32
49-23Delhi Telephone CoA1620.4$78.72
50-23Tweedie Construction Service IncH8797.4$117,882.65

Recreation Commission

06-23American Bankers Ins Co of FloridaJ1910.4$1,171.00
07-2321st Century PoolsJ7145.2$2,056.00
08-23Julie ArchiboldJ7145.4$125.38
09-23AMERX Chemical CoJ7145.4$1,320.00
10-23Capital OneJ7145.4$105.98
11-23Capital OneJ7145.4$7.66
12-23Kendall BeadleJ7345.4$84.00

Mayor Briggs adjourned the meeting at 8:32PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Niebanck