Minutes – September 11, 2023

Village of Franklin NY minutes of the September 11, 2023 regular board meeting.

The Village of Franklin held its regular board meeting on September 11, 2023, at the Village Hall office (141 Water Street) at 7:00PM.  Present: Mayor Tom Briggs, Trustee Wilson, Trustee VanDeusen, Clerk/Treasurer Niebanck, Deputy Clerk Martin, Superintendent Kingsbury and guests recorded on the sign-in register. The meeting was streamed and recorded on the video platform Zoom.

Minutes:   Minutes of the August 14, 2023 board meeting: VanDeusen moved and Wilson seconded approval of the August 14, 2023 minutes. So passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Date: August 31, 2023

General Fund$2,052.60
– Savings$232,348.21
– Reserve/Maint Equip$84,886.25
– Sidewalks$16,912.34
– Trees$2,369.28
Water Fund$9,425.81
– Savings$20,290.13
– Capital Fund/Well Develop$2,971.42
Water Project$6.92
Water Tower Grant$72.01
Trust & Agency$2,460.97
Grant Fund$8,765.48
ARPA Funds (remaining)$6,512.57
Recreation Commission$181.22
– Savings$17,764.74
– CD$7,861.15
– CD$15,951.61

Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded budget transfers in the GF totaling $184.39 (detail attached). So passed. Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval of Treasurer’s Report of August 31, 2023. So passed.

Citizens’ Comments: none.

Correspondence: 1) Email from Ben Syden/Laberge Group re: grants for water/wastewater. 2) NY Deferred Compensation Plan. 3) Email from OneGroup re: wage disclosure law.

Clerk’s Report: 1) Submitted Dr. Sealgood invoice to CHIPS, but it was rejected; they do not reimburse crack sealing; will submit SuitKote bill before December deadline. 2) Received engineering report re: lead service line inventory. 3) Will be sending out past due tax bills.

Superintendent’s Report: 1) cleared limbs along sidewalks 2) 21st Century came out to look at vacuum; it was flipping in water that was too shallow; will give price for collar; will store in back room of Village hall. 3) put up ‘No Parking signs’ on Institute St.; Clerk will find out if we need to put notice in paper about new signs. 4) Tree Removal – State DOT takes down trees on Main St./357; have three on Center St. and one on West St. that need to come down; start with smaller ones, and larger ones can be done next year. 5) Ordered signs for Village Dump. 6) Pool is winterized for the year. 7) Part time labor – called one person, but couldn’t get through; will contact DelCo; could use 2-3 people for sidewalks; will re-advertise.

Old Business

CDBG Update: Eric’s report – Aquastore team came in and put in forms for tank; concrete will be poured this week; waiting for tanking pieces to come in November. Blueberry farm is for sale. DE following up with health department; they’ve pushed it up to Albany branch. Materials for well house are in; will coordinate with Tweedie to get that going. Electric lines will be another phase.

Sewer Study: Mayor interviewed by Times Union newspaper re: difficulty of getting funding; got a call from EFC and they have volunteered to help with grant application for a waste disposal operation, locating different granting sources. They will have Zoom meeting on Sept. 19 at 1:00pm. Invited business owners and Trustees. Village Board could meet at Village Hall.

Restore NY: Had a Zoom meeting with Omar Sanders/Southern Tier 8; got a call from Meg and Hassan and they want to rewrite the grant with less emphasis on waste disposal.

NYCLASS: Mayor will see them on Wednesday and invite them to next board meeting.John will send Jason wording for sign; Mayor will provide wording for a community notice.

Old Franklin Days: Connie did a remarkable job, it was a success; traffic was heavy, may need signs on Main St.; possibly hire off-duty police to help – budget for one-day security; shuttles may help.

New Business

Around Town: Trustee had “Please Slow Down” signs made and put up on Main St.; house next to Village Hall is under contract – they may allow Village to rent office space/garage. December 9 is date for Christmas Stroll and Market.

Street Sweeper: we don’t have a brush; should add to budget – buy a brush or hire someone to do it; Superintendent will find out if a brush could be attached to tractor or skid steer.

Citizens’ Comments: none

Approval of Bills: Wilson moved and VanDeusen seconded approval to pay bills. So passed.


81-23Trust & AgencyA9030.8$554.08 A2319
82-23Trust & AgencyA9089.8$167.50 A2320
83-23NYSEGA1620.4$55.45 A2321
84-23NYSEGA1620.4$21.41 A2322
85-23NYSEGA7110.4$25.59 A2323
86-23NYSEGFX8320.4$1,160.10 FX1630
87-23NYSEGFX8320.4$21.60 FX1631
88-23FrontierFX8320.4$9.50 FX1632
89-23PostmasterFX8310.4$132.00 FX1633
91-23Decker AdvertisingA1325.4$22.00
92-23Capital OneA1325.4$15.99
92-23Capital One$90.92
93-23Delhi Telephone CoA1620.4$78.72
94-23Tractor SupplyA5110.2$719.94
94-23Tractor SupplyA5110.4$74.49
95-23Mirabito Energy ProductsA5110.4$112.60
96-23CarQuest Auto PartsA5110.4$162.80
97-23Taggart Electric IncFX8320.4$280.00
98-23Ti Sales IncFX8340.2$1,567.30
99-23Waste Recovery EnterprisesA8160.4$12.32
100-23Delaware Cty Real Prop Tax Dept$242.81
101-23Blauer AssociatesH8797.4$2,400.00
102-23Blauer AssociatesH8797.4$1,000.00
103-23Delaware EngineeringH8797.4$1,395.00

Recreation Commission

20-23Trust & AgencyJ9030.8$716.33 J1896
21-24FrontierJ7545.4$78.97 J1897

Mayor Briggs adjourned the meeting at 8:02PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Paula Niebanck

Budget Transfers for September 2023

Acct CodeDescriptionAmount
1210.4Mayor, Expense$159.39
4020.4Registrar of Vital Stat.$25.00
Acct CodeDescriptionAmount
1325.2Clerk/Treas., Equip-$159.39