Water Department Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations shall be considered a part of the contract with every house, dwelling, store, business, or any other location where water is furnished by the Village of Franklin Water Department.

Revised and updated June 2012

The following rules and regulations shall be considered a part of the contract with every house, dwelling, store, business, or any other location where water is furnished by the Village of Franklin Water Department:

  1. Any person desiring to have water introduced upon any premises owned or occupied by them, or desiring an additional quantity, or to make any change in the supply, shall make a WRITTEN APPLICATION to the Water Department specifying the purpose for which it is to be used.

  2. The LANDOWNER is totally responsible for service pipes and fixtures from curb stop to the residence. Village of Franklin owns the curb stop.

  3. All repairs or replacement must be done at the sole risk and responsibility of the landowner or contractor. It shall be the duty of such persons to see that the trenches, piles of earth and other excavations connected with said work are properly lighted and protected at night and all other times. Upon completion of said project, all materials (blacktop, concrete, dirt, etc.) must be replaced to as good a condition as previous to the excavation.

  4. All service pipes from water main to water meter must be—

    • type K-flexible copper
    • minimum size 3⁄4 inch
    • minimum depth of 5 feet
    • curb stop must be of type with drain (MUELLER)
    • must have ¼ turn ball valve above and below or on each side of meter
    • all below-ground connections must be non-flared compression fittings
  5. All water meters up to size 3⁄4 inch will be furnished by the Water Department. Meters larger than 3⁄4 inch must be purchased and maintained by the landowner.

  6. At every location where water is used, the customer must keep water pipes and fixtures in good repair and the meter protected from freezing at their own expense. If the meter is broken from freezing or misuse, the landowner shall bear all costs (labor and parts) involving said meter or be charged for a new meter.

  7. Where leaks occur in service pipes at any point beyond the curb stop, they must be repaired immediately by the owner or occupant. If not repaired within a reasonable time after notice, the water will be shut off until repaired. The Water Department must be contacted.

  8. No person shall obstruct free access to any public fire hydrant or stop cock of any kind. No person except authorized Fire Department personnel shall draw or use water from, open, meddle with, or disarrange any hydrant or stop cock without permission of the Village Board or Water Department Superintendent.

  9. No plumber nor individual shall turn on or turn off a water service at the curb stop. Only authorized Village personnel may do so.

  10. There will be a $50 charge when the landowner requests the water be turned on or off at the curb stop.

  11. Any water user installing a new line to the curb stop at a location different from the old one will be required to call the Water Department to shut off water at the main to the old line.

  12. A 48-hour notice must be given in writing to the Superintendent before any service is to be put in, stating: (a) the location, (b) the name of the owner of the premises, and (c) the time when the trench will be ready for making the connections. A like notice must be given when water is to be turned off.


  14. Water meters are read four (4) times a year and bills are issued January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. These bills are due and payable without penalty until the last day of the above mentioned months. A 5% penalty will be added to any bill not paid by the due date. If bill is not paid within 60 days, a written notice will be given stating that service will be terminated 30 days from the date of the notice. Additional penalties plus a $50 turn-off and $50 turn-on fee will be assessed. ALL CHARGES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE SERVICE IS TURNED ON.

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